#smuglunch inspiration
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Can we make every lunch a #smuglunch?

Do you ever enjoy a smug lunch? You know, the kind of lunch that is so full of colour and nutrition that you feel deservedly smug at your creation? Oh come on, I know it can’t just be me!

I love eating and so I love lunch; should be super easy to prepare then, right? Well…

  1. I am not a morning person and so time is really in very short supply first thing meaning anything I want to take out for lunch later that day needs to be super quick to prepare.
  2. My daughter wants a lunch box full of pre-packaged sugar, palm fat-laden food that I am trying to avoid bringing into our home or putting on our bellies.
  3. My husband leaves for work well before I even rise from my bed, so if I want to make him anything it needs to be done the night before (in that precious time that I might actually sit down for an hour of the day!)


So, I happily admit that when I leave the house with a colourful nutritious lunch for at least one of us, I feel pretty damn smug. So smug I head over to Instagram and share my creation with #smuglunch accompanying it. Do join me when you feel smug too, let’s be rightfully smug together!

Over the coming weeks and months as I build up the Replenish Weston recipe collection I will be adding photos, tips and ideas to this blog and the #smuglunch Pinterest board. I hope I can inspire you to make some lunches you look forward to, and I would LOVE to hear your ideas too, so please comment below or share your creations in The Great Replenish Weston Community Facebook group.


In the meantime, make sure you check out the three beautiful butter bean recipes to start your own #smuglunch adventure!

The Butter Bean is the current Ingredient of the Fortnight. Such a cheap and cheerful yet super delicious bean. The recipes I’ve shared cost significantly less than £1 per portion and can all be enjoyed for lunch.

Do go ahead and comment below with how you get on, or to share your butter bean lunch recipes.



Happy eating, lovely people x

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