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How much I spend on food. Day one.

Do you have any idea how much you truly spend on food? I’ve got to be honest, I don’t actually know how much I spend on food in any given week.

I want to buy local, organic food wherever I can, but I find myself worrying that I can’t afford it. That seems a bit silly considering I don’t actually know exactly how much our family is spending each week.

What I do know is that when I search for recipes, plan meals and shop with a list the whole process of cooking and eating food is more enjoyable. We also eat much more fruit and veg. I also think I spend less than when my cooking mojo is in hiding and I’m just grabbing whatever I fancy, and that will take the least time to cook, off the supermarket shelf. (There’s too much choice and temptation to buy processed food, and extras I don’t genuinely want or need, but I’ll leave my thoughts on supermarkets there for now!)

And so, in a bid to get myself back to a place of truly enjoying cooking and eating, I’m going to do a series of blog posts where I share everything I buy and eat for a few weeks. My hope is that this will encourage some of you to do the same, to have a think about your buying and eating habits to ensure you’re happy with them, and to think about how to start changing them if not. If you find you’re not happy with your habits, talk to me online or in the shop, or chat to others in our community via our facebook group.

My personal aims are:

  • To find out how much I’m actually spending
  • To cook more interesting meals, without spending hours in the kitchen
  • To eat more plant-based meals

Day one:

Monday 24th September


A slice of Rik’s wonderful chocolate cake leftover from a few days before. Who doesn’t love cake for breakfast?!



Roasted squash with watercress, brown rice, halloumi and a tahini dressing. I pretty much followed this recipe and it was well tasty, highly reccommend. I used a whole butternut squash and 200g of rice so there was enough for four servings, two to eat straight away and two for packed lunches the following day. The recipe suggests peeling and chopping the squash into cubes, but why bother with that faff when you can just cut it in four lengthways and enjoy eating the skin too!



Between our family of three we shared a One Planet Funghi Pizza (vegan, delicious – the base was SO good – and available at Replenish!) with a bit of watercress on the side for token green. For pudding we had a delicious Italian pastry (pictured in snacks below but it doesn’t do it justice!) we bought at the Eat Weston food festival on Saturday. Aren’t we lucky to have such food delights in Weston?


Also purchased at the food festival on Saturday were five different cheese varieties, and a pork pie. So you could say this was a meal rather than a snack, but hey, doesn’t everyone sometimes indulge at 10pm in front of the TV?!


Replenish Weston: Chickpeas 75p, red kidney beans (organic) 89p, tinned tomato (organic) 95p, Sojade soya cream (organic) 96p, sojade soya natural yogurt (organic) £1.31, Oatly barrista £1.99, 250g pearl barley 45p, 200g long grain brown rice 36p, 250g brown lentils (organic) 95p, 200g white spaghetti(organic) 48p. Total £9.09

Gardner’s Fruits: Bunch of beetroot £1.29, 2 onions 30p, Butternut squash £1. Total £2.59

Tesco: Reduced raspberries 70p, pomegranate £1.40, reduced peaches 35p, 4 figs 49p, 4 kiwi (organic) £1.35. Total £4.29.

School meals: For the sake of making this a genuine look at how much we spend as a family, I added £10 to my daughter’s lunch account.


Recipes found for upcoming meals:

  • Roasted Squash with Brown Rice and Halloumi -Izy Hossack/Plantbased Pixie RECIPE LINK HERE
  • Carrot, Cumin & Kidney Bean Burgers – Cooking on a Bootstrap RECIPE LINK HERE
  • Slow Rich Lentil Ragu (slow cooker) – Cooking on a Bootstrap RECIPE LINK HERE
  • Roasted carrot, chickpea and garlic soup – Cooking on a Bootstrap RECIPE LINK HERE
  • Pepper and pea frittata – Keep it Vegan book – Available to browse in Replenish
  • Pearl barley risotto with glazed balsalmic root veg – Keep it Vegan book – Available to browse in Replenish
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